Support for Golf Clubs

The golf environment in Scotland is going through a considerable amount of change. Many clubs are losing members and struggling to attract new members to their clubs.

For most, the days of waiting lists and joining fees are gone and many clubs need help to buck this trend.

We have worked with a number of golf clubs across Scotland and as such have built up a clear understanding of the type of issues clubs face on a daily basis.

Working closely with our clients we focus our attention on 3 main areas, we call them the '3R's'

3R's New Big

How do we help?

  • We listen and never presume
  • We support the key staff and committees, many of whom are volunteers working with no pay and often no thanks
  • We tailor our help to suit each individual clients needs as this often varies from club to club
  • We advise on the best way forward for your club

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